Non-skid tape installation instructions

Anti-Slip Safety Tape

Can be quickly applied to most surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth. Surfaces must be free of moisture, dust, dirt, body oils and grease, wax, soap, or detergent films for proper adhesion. Loose scale, rust paint, concrete or dirt must be removed from surface by wire brushing, sanding, sandblasting, or other means.


COMMERCIAL CLEANERS: Cleaners such as those based on non-phosphate alkaline compounds strong enough to emulsify the various contaminants, can be used to clean the mounting surface. Follow manufacturer’s instructions according to type of cleaner used.

TEST FOR CLEAN SURFACE: Put a few drops of water on the cleaned surface. If the water forms droplets or beads up, repeat the cleaning procedure. When the water spreads out and wets the surface easily, the surface is clean enough to apply the tape.


INSTALLATION: After determining that the surface is clean, smooth and dry, slowly remove the release paper from the underside of the tape, to expose the pressure-sensitive adhesive. Being certain that the tape is in the proper alignment, use foot pressure, roller or soft rubber mallet to bond the safety tread in place.

TEMPERATURE: Be sure substrate temperature is above 50F.

APPLICATION TO WOOD: New wood should be sealed or painted prior to application of tape. Loose paint should be removed from old painted surfaces. THE TAPE WILL NOT BOND TO WOOD SURFACES TREATED WITH PENTA, CREOSOTE OR OTHER WOOD PRESERVATIVES.

APPLICATON TO METAL: Best adhesion is obtained when a product is applied to paint or primed surfaces. Loose scale, painted or rust should be removed prior to painting or priming old or new surfaces.

APPLICATION TO SMOOTH CONCRETE, MARBLE TILE, TERRAZZO, ETC.: Clean thoroughly with commercial vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Clean, if necessary as outlined above. NOTE: TAPE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE OVER ROUGH OR BROOM FINISHED CONCRETE.

READY TO USE: The tape can be walked on immediately. Maximum bond of the adhesive occurs about 24 hours after installation.

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