Instructions for Applying Non Skid Tape

Application(s): Our Premium grade anti-slip grit tape offers our highest standards of longevity, chemical and water resistance, and wear resistance. This product has been double sealed with a 2-part epoxy resin that ensure durability, coupled with an acrylic adhesive system that does not require edge sealing to resist attack from water and chemicals. Tape will adhere to any clean dry surface including metal, wood and concrete. Premium anti-slip product offers excellent water and solvent resistance and an embedded grit technology that will ensure extended wear, even in high traffic areas. Tape is intended for both indoor and outdoor applications, and is water-proof under normal applications. Not intended for submerged applications.

Surface Preparation: It is very important that the surface the tape is being adhered to is free from all contamination such as dirt, dust, grease and oil. A combination of 50/50 alcohol and water solution is usually adequate for removing most contamination. The wiper/cloth should be changed frequently (white cloth recommended). Heavy accumulation may require more aggressive cleaning techniques.

Adhesion Promoters: Some very difficult surfaces may require the use of adhesion promoters to aid in proper bonding. This would be true for low surface energy materials and very porous surfaces. Promoters should be applied per manufacturer's instructions and must be allowed to fully dry prior to tape application. For porous concrete surfaces you may want to try a Dap Weldwood type product for aiding in bonding. Refer to manufacturer's instructions and MSDS sheet for proper handling.

Temperature: Temperature is a critical factor in adhesive bonding often over-looked. The tape products are intended for application in temperatures of not less than 50F (10C). In general the closer to room temperature the better the bonding.

Pressure: Tape products should be smoothed down with 15 psi of pressure or more. This will aid in adhesive "wet out" and result in better bonding.

Time: After application the tape bond will continue to grow with the surface. The ambient temperature will affect this bonding time(the colder the slower), but as a general rule good bonding will not be fully achieved for 24 - 48 hours after the application. Full bond strength will be reached at 72 hours (70F).

Test: As with most products we highly recommend that you test a small sample product in it's intended use prior to complete installation. Some applications prove to be more difficult and require additional steps to achieve the desired results.

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