Instructions for Applying Reflective Numbers/Letters

Adhesive performance depends entirely on surface preparation.
Adhesive products should only be installed when it is dry outside. Applications should not be attempted when it is rainy or when dew is forming on the ground or other surfaces. A dry sunny day is optimal. Air temperature should be between 32 and 100 degrees. Also, it helps to apply a small piece first as practice.

The surface that the tape will be applied to must be clean, dry and free of any contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, etc. Hand washing the application area will accomplish this. To insure that the area is clean a rag with isopropyl alcohol should be used to wipe down the surface. Before the alcohol dries wipe it down again with a separate rag. This will also help dry the surface.

Avoid touching the adhesive side of the tape as this can contaminate the adhesive and reduce its effectiveness. Decide where you would like the numbers, put small pieces of tape on the top of the transfer tape and corners to hold the placement of the numbers.
Fold the transfer tape/numbers up, slowly peel off the backing and apply the numbers, starting at the top and working towards the bottom, lay the material down using your fingers to press it onto the surface. (Avoid laying the tape down and then pulling it up and laying it down again as this tends to damage the adhesive.)
Using a squeegee or a cloth and press tape down to the surface gently at first and then with more pressure.
Slowly peel off the transfer tape.

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